Bill Clark -  Under my father's watchful eye, I fired my first  shot at the age of 6 through a .22 revolver.  I don't even remember if I hit the target, but I was hooked.  For the next 8 years I shot infrequently. When I was pursuing my Rifle Shooting and Shotgun Shooting merit badge that I began shooting on a more regular basis. 

In 1995 while I began attending the University at Albany in pursuit of a degree in Computer Science.  During this period I was able to shoot only while home on weekends and during breaks, as they frown on keeping firearms in the dormitory.

In 2002 I became an NRA certified firearms instructor with the initial intent to teach the shotgun and rifle shooting merit badges to Boy Scouts.  I  have been teaching for over 8 years now.  My goal is to introduce new people to shooting and improve the skill of those already involved in the shooting sports. 

Although, I have won shooting competitions in rifle, shotgun and pistol my true passion lies in identifying the best teaching methods and applying those methods to benefit my students.

I currently live in Larkspur, CO where I currently am employed as a government contractor in the telecommunications field