Shotgun Sports
Trap is a traditional shotgun sport.   Four inch orange clay discs (or birds) are thrown from a machine in the trap house.  The house is 16 yards away.  Each shooter gets 5 targets at 5 stations.  Targets can be thrown straight away from the shooter to the left, to the right, or anywhere in between.  A total score of 25 is possible.  There are many types of trap including Doubles Trap, International Trap, and Wobble Trap, each of these offer different challenges.

Skeet is another traditional shotgun sport.  Birds are thrown from 2 houses, a high house on the left and a low house on the right.  Shooters move a group to each of the 8 stations.  At each of these stations 2 or 4 targets are presented.  At stations 1, 2, 6, and 7 the shooters gets a high house, a low house and then a double.  Targets follow a consistent path (unless there is a good wind) A total score of 25 is possible.  Again there are multiple types of skeet this includes International Skeet, and Doubles Skeet.

Sporting Clays
Sporting Clays is a relatively new shotgun sport.  This is often considered the golf of the shooting sports.  Participants often walk through the woods shooting at a variety of targets in various sizes.  There is no rule on where targets come from and go too.  Every Sporting Clays course is different, and can change from day to day.  Sporting Clays courses can be 25, 50, 75, or 100.

Pistol Sports
Bulls eye Pistol
This consists of firing 30 shots at a black circle which is fired at a target which is 25 - 50 yards away.  This is completed in three sections, slow fire (10 minutes - 10 shots), timed fire 10 shots 20 seconds, and rapid fire 10 shots 10 seconds.  This is most likely the first pistol sport, and the most popular.  

Steel Plates
This is slightly different; 6 Steel plates are placed at a distance when you hit your target it falls over.  The person who knocks down all the plates in the fastest about of time wins.

Pin Shoot
6 bowling pins are placed on a wooden table at a pre-determined distance.  Your goal is to shoot the bowling pins off the table so that they fall onto the floor.  The person who knocks all the bowling pins onto the floor in the fastest time wins. 

Rifle Sports
Small Bore Rifle

Using a .22 caliber rifle, An NRA conventional outdoor prone match consists of 160 shots, a perfect score would be 1600.  All from the prone position. Matches are specified as either Iron sight or Any sight (scope permitted).  The match consists of eight 20 shot stages, or 4 two stage matches. Each stage is 20 minutes. Each with unlimited opportunity to sight in on a practice target.

Military Rifle Shoot
Using a rifle used by some country, you fire at paper targets.  Yardage and number of shot vary from competition to competition.  Firearms can include a M1-Garand, M1-Carbine, or an Enfield.

There are many other sports which are out there, if you have a particular interest please ask and we will help you out.