ill is a knowledgeable and patient instructor. Even though I have been shooting for years, the course taught me valuable information on gun safety and improved my marksmanship. I would heartily recommend the course for anyone contemplating carrying a hand gun or who owns a gun in his or her home or who is thinking of acquiring a gun.
-George L.

When I first attended a shooting class with Bill. I was understandably nervous; after all, I had never handled a firearm in my life. His calm, patient, and confident approach made me feel at ease, and before long I was shooting bulls-eyes. What's more, I understood what I was doing, from the firing mechanism to the various types of ammunition, and, of course, a strong theme of safety.
-Steven B.

I took the Basic Pistol class as a complete and total novice to firearms - I hadn't even held a gun before, let alone shot one, so I was a little nervous and scared ( I just KNEW I was going to shoot my foot off!!). But Mr. Clark was a very thorough, knowledgeable and patient instructor. He provided lots of important "hands-on" time with the firearms, ALWAYS emphasizing safety, and his tips and techniques on shooting well were invaluable. It was such a good class and great experience that I went back for the Utah Concealed Weapons class, and now own and regularly shoot a recently purchased firearm. Even if you don't plan to carry a weapon for defense, shooting is an enjoyable sport and this is the place to start learning and if you're a woman, unfamiliar with firearms, very empowering.
-Suzette W

Thanks for making my first experience with gun safety so accessible. I learned a lot and feel much more confident handling a firearm thanks to your class.
-David S.

I just wanted to say thank you for today I really appreciated all your work and everything you did, it was a great experience
-Denni W.

I didn't think it would be so much fun.  I was impressed with the emphasis on safety.
-Silvia D.

Your methods have really effective way of keeping the participant engaged.  The course successfully provides the participants with practical techniques to minimize potential conflicts with others and increase understanding of the responsibilities and requirements of weapons ownership as well as demystifying the laws of self-defense. 

I support this program and will continue to enthusiastically recommend it to others.